Friday, January 30, 2009

A Great Big Sister

Rebecca got glasses yesterday. As soon as I can I will post a picture because they really are cute. However, upon getting them yesterday she was a little nervous about how people would react to her. Ryan and I told her we really liked them as did her friend Grace, but Rebecca was holding out for Reagan's opinion. Reagan doesn't always do any kind of change very well. So I was a little nervous. When Rea came home she just looked at Rebecca and went on about her afternoon. Now she was in a pretty big hurry because the boy across the street wanted to play but Reagan had to do her homework first and then she got invited to stay for dinner. Rebecca confided in me that she thought maybe Reagan didn't like them or perhaps she was mad because she didn't say anything about her glasses. When Reagan got home I took her on the side and asked her if she could say something to Bec about her glasses. I told her Becca thought she didn't like them. Reagan was surprised at this and promptly went over to Rebecca. I expected her to just say, "I like your glasses." Instead she said, "Hey Rebecca, what color are your glasses?" Rebecca perked right up and said, "they are purple but look here, on the inside they have flowers." Reagan replies, "Wow that's really cool and I think you look beautiful with them on! You picked out a great pair of glasses they look really good!" With that Rebecca invited Reagan to come upstairs and see her case and cleaning stuff. Reagan ran up with her chatting with real excitement for her sister. These are the moments that fill my heart. The glimpses that show they do love each other and they are getting it. I am really proud of both of them, but this particular night I have to say Reagan stole my heart with her tenderness and excitement for her sister. Way to go!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Holy Grail Of Cleaning Products

I have found the Holy Grail of cleaning products. Anyone who has to deal with soap scum has got to try this stuff. My girls took a bath and used those stinking bathtub crayons all over the walls. They tried to scrub most of it off, but it's really hard. So I am looking at the shower of wall to wall soap scum (that sounds so nasty). I have used soft scrub in the past and worked up a good sweat trying to get it off. Well yesterday I bought Kaboom - shower, tub and tile. Wow!!! No wonder the guy on the commercial is always yelling about it. I can't believe how well it worked. I literally sprayed it all down, and it didn't even smell that bad, waited the 1-3 minutes and it all literally wiped right off!!! I had a wet cloth and just wiped it off!!! I can't even tell you how easy it was. The hardware that had water spots on it...not any more...shiny as it was when it was installed. I can't believe I am practically doing a commercial myself but this stuff is AMAZING!! I will never dread cleaning the shower again. I of course bought it at Target (there's a plug for ya honey!)It's in the pretty dark purple bottle. Try it, you'll look for reasons to clean the fact try bathtub crayons!!

It's A Party in There

I read an article the other day about a Mom who was frustrated with the progress her three year old son was making with potty training. So every time she went to the bathroom she acted like she was having the best time ever!! After a few short weeks of being told he was too young to participate in the fun, and that only big boys who use the potty can join in, the little boy began using the potty. After 8 1/2 years of changing diapers, I am ready for everyone to be potty trained. I thought I like to have a good time so this sounds like the key for me and Ryan. The only thing missing in my bathroom going was the martini. I made it sound like it was so much fun in there. Ron did the same thing, although only once. I think he ran out of songs to sing. LOL Anyway, Ryan says...mommy I want to use the potty. I almost fell off my chair, after all it had only been a couple of days. Into the bathroom we go and he sits down and he gets this look on his face...what is that look...disappointment. This is NOT fun, it is NOT a party. And with the understanding that he had been duped he said, "All done." and got off the potty never to return. I guess I should be thankful that he is discerning enough to know when something is actually fun and not just go along because someone else thought it was great. On the other hand...darn. Who knows how long this will take. If I had another hand, I would put there the comforting fact that this is the last time I have to potty train someone. So remember the next time you are in the bathroom and it is not a party, that Ryan agrees there is nothing fun about using the potty!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do I Have To?

I am 31 years old. Well 31 and a half if you want to get technical. In most areas of my life I consider myself a grown up. I have the numbers in years behind that statement. I am a wife, a mother, a home owner...well in 28 more years I'll be a home owner!! However, I am embarking on a risk. I am considering on taking a chance with my card making and I have discovered I am not as grown up as I thought. There is the fun side of this idea, the actual designing and making of the cards, but then there is the technical side...the not fun side. This is the side that makes me often not follow through on things because I cannot be bothered with the "stuff" that doesn't interest me. I realize at this moment how childish that is. I don't take photography classes because I don't want to learn how the camera actually works in it's technical sense, I just want to be able to point, click and take beautiful pictures. I didn't want to pursue interior design because you have to measure so much and plot it out and, well, that just sucks any joy out of doing a room. However, it's clear that without the technical side nothing would be correct. So as I look at my new adventure, I will choose to grow up and not only learn the technical side of it, but I will choose to excel in it. If I can require excellence of myself in other areas, I can choose to expect excellence of myself in areas that "don't interest me because they are not fun!" I have a feeling that if I can put aside this childish mindset and have myself focus and even enjoy learning something I think is boring, I have a feeling I will go places I have never dreamed possible. So I will make the commitment to myself that in 2009 my goal will be to stretch myself beyond what I enjoy, to learn the "technical side" of any given subject, so in the end my accomplishments will lack nothing. The time has come for me to grow past where I have been comfortable and push for excellence. I can't wait to see what happens. I will, of course, keep you posted!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I always say that I have married my best friend, and I have. However, there is nothing like girlfriends. You can say just about anything and they get it. No need to explain what you mean or worry they'll take offense, they just nod in agreement or laugh out loud! Last night I had a few friends over to scrap and stamp. It was so much fun. In fact if laughter could give you a hangover, then I'd I would be in rough shape today!! With old friends and new the common bond of womanhood, marriage and sometimes children leads to endless conversation and laughs. I am so thankful that God has blessed me and continues to bless me with the friendships of women. To my friends that I've had "forever" and to the ones I've met as an adult, my life is richly blessed by you. Thank you for being my friend!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Phone Call

Whenever I get a phone call early in the morning (or at least early for everyone I know)or late at night I get nervous upon answering it. I always worry that something has happened to someone! Anyway my phone rang this morning at 7:35AM and it was my sister. Her cheerful voice said, "Good Morning! I just called to tell you that I hope you have a really great day!" I have to say I was a little shocked, not because she doesn't call, but because it meant so much to me today. It wasn't a bad day or anything, but that call carried me through the whole day hoping I could make it a great day because it had such a wonderful start. So thank you, Katie, for making my day a little better because you decided to call me this morning. Never under estimate the power a little kindness and thoughtfulness can have in someone Else's day or life. I am blessed with a fantastic sister and I was reminded of that today when she called just to say,"Good Morning..."

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A few things

Here a few things I have been working on lately. The "Winter Fun" and "New Year Traditions" are layouts for my kids club this Sunday. The "Best Buds" one is one that I have been working on but just needed to add the title. Well I did that today. I guess I am just going to make up for my lack of blogging lately all in one day!!

Interesting Warnings

So Ryan and I went out "grocery" shopping this morning. As of last week both my blow dryer and curling iron died. Of course not on the same day so I replaced the blow dryer and today got my new curling iron. Here is what is interesting on the cord there is a huge tag that reads: "Warning, Burn Hazard, keep away from children." really?? It could get hot? On the flip side it says: "Caution, this product can burn eyes" Did someone try to curl their eye lashes with a 1 1/4" curling iron?? Wait it gets better. We all know why these are here, it's because someone did it to themselves and now they feel the need to warn the public. Here's a few more from this instruction booklet: 1. Never use while is this accomplished? Is it a sleep walking hairstylist? Were they using it in place of a teddy bear?
2. Never drop or insert any object into any opening or hose. Maybe I should highlight this one for my children, but I honestly have no idea what a person would want to put into that tiny hole. 3. Do not use outdoors or operate where aerosol (spray) products are being used or where oxygen is being administered. Now I do use aerosol hairspray, perhaps I will use the other bathroom so I don't explode or something! 4. This curling iron and clip are hot when in use. (duh)Do not let eyes or bare skin touch heated surfaces. (again with the eyes). 5. Do not use while in the shower. So ladies apparently the new trend is to try to curl your hair while you sleep, shower or to burn your eyes out. Be careful out there these are very dangerous objects! Oh and by the way...they get hot! LOL

I already did that!

What is it about children and the fact that they must think I live to irritate them? In their world I make requests just simply to annoy and not because it needs to be done. Now here is reality. I walk past a sink and see a glob of toothpaste in it. Hmm...last one in the bathroom...Reagan. "Reagan please rinse the toothpaste down the sink when you are finished." (yes I am that nice the first time!!LOL)to this she replies, "I already did that." really? because there is still a glob of toothpaste in the sink. Or Rebecca put away your clean clothes that are in the basket in your room. "I already did that, mom." Now I don't know if it is some kind of time warp or if they think that because they did it yesterday or last week it stays done for a lifetime or what. Actually how GREAT would that be?? Do the dishes once and NEVER have to do them again or the beast I call laundry. Wow. But then again I'd be out of a job and have to get a "real" job and, well, who wants to do that?? LOL I guess for now I will continue to make requests and they will continue to think I just pull this stuff out of thin air. I know one day, because my parents get to do it, it will come back around and I will laugh to myself because they will have children one day. What a comforting thought that is!

Friday, January 9, 2009

The "Fart"

Please excuse my use of the word "fart" but I always strive to be authentic and that's what Rebecca calls it so I guess you'll have to bear with me! Now I will be honest and tell you now that the scrapbooker in me did think for a fleeting second that I should take pictures of this event, but then I realized that not even I wanted to see the following again and I quickly dismissed the thought. Last night I was downstairs trying to scrap and watch TV. In all honesty, there was more t.v. watching going on than scrapping. Anyway, it's about 10PM and my mommy senses kick in and I hear a strange noise upstairs. What is that? I think to myself...weird breathing? Does someone have the hiccups? Better go check. As I come up the stairs I hear much more clearly now, it's crying coming from the bathroom. Being the good Mom that I am, I knock quietly and then open the door only to be assaulted by a smell no person should ever take in to their nostrils at 10 O'clock at night. Holy literal crap!! There is my sweet Rebecca sitting on the toilet crying. Let me paint this nightmare for you. There is Rebecca crying on the toilet and as I look at her and try NOT to gag I that??...oh gross that is a pile of poo on her knee...yep, Dad V. I did...I threw up a little in my mouth! Anyway, I figure if she is sitting on the toilet and there is poo on her knee I better look down. Oh, good, the pull-up is on the floor filled with...well we'll just say poo to spare you...and the pull-up is inside out. Next to that is a pile of poo on my bathroom carpet, some on a towel someone forgot to hang up and lastly the cursed pair of Jammie bottoms...yes with poo on them. OK, I think, what the heck do I start with?? So I ask Rebecca if she is in pain and she says, "No." "OK" I say nice and calm, "then I need you to stop crying because if you cry and nothing but being covered in poo is wrong, I will have more trouble assessing this situation." Thankfully she is able to stop. I ask her if she is done, knowing there is no possible way there could be an once more poo inside her body, and she of course says, "Yes." Well thank goodness for small mercies. So I ask her to stand up and I am not kidding it looks like she got sprayed from behind by a poo hose. "um, Honey, you go ahead and sit back don't slide back on the seat...and let mommy get caught up and then we'll get you cleaned up." Now don't judge me, you would have cleaned up the other stuff first too the smell was that bad. So I start with the Jammie pants. I am not kidding every time she wears these she has some kind of issue. So here I am rinsing these pooped up pants out and I start to laugh thinking about the time I considered being a nurse. LOL I don't know how you guys do that for strangers, but God Bless you!! Pants are done, I wash my hands literally three times over and then look at the next mess. Now the assessing starts...How am I on towels? Good. How much was that carpet? Not the much. OK then I rolled up the carpet with the towel and pull up inside and put it all in a large garbage bag and took it to the trash. I come back upstairs and yes my poor baby girl is waiting patiently on the toilet, and I see that much to my dismay, there is poo on the floor. I quickly grab the cleaning supplies and wipe it up and now I am ready to tackle sewer girl. We take the chance on walking to my bathroom because I have a sprayer hose and there was no way I was touching the mess on her bottom. Now this was tricky because I knew that after watching her freak out about wiping the poo off her knee with toilet paper, if any touched her in the shower we'd be back to the crying. Well, that was successful. I got her rinsed and washed, dried and dressed and then I asked, "Rebecca, what happened?" "I thought I had to fart, mommy." "Well, OK maybe we shouldn't do that any more if we aren't sure all we have is gas." To that she replied that she would try to remember that next time. I have never been so thankful that she still wears pull-ups. Could you imagine if it hadn't caught it all and that happened in the bed?? Ugh, I dare not speak that thought again. In fact as I type I recall laughing at my poor sister when she came home and found that her dog had pooed all over the wall. See what goes around comes around. By the's not funny. On my way to lay with Becca until she falls asleep, I look into the room that I will now have to redecorate because my little girl thought she had to fart!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I love it and hate it all at the same time!! I love it because just like back to school it feels like a new beginning! Time to get organized, lose the same weight I wanted to lose last year, and start something new!! I hate it because every year it seems we are broke come January. No matter how hard we try, January is always tight. No one likes a lack of money, but I have to say it's been kind of interesting finding ways to make a dollar stretch! Today for an example, I have been reorganizing my scrapping stuff. Wow, don't tell Ron, but I do not need another thing!! LOL However, there are always things to want...but like I said...shhh. On the other hand I look at my supplies and have that "new start" feeling and I am ready to create. I hope to create new things but also to start doing some of my own scrapbooking. I am so far behind I have decided that catching up will be something I do when everyone is in college. At this point I just want to do something. With that perspective it is not nearly so overwhelming. I did find some interesting picture today. Wow, was I a homely pre-teen. I swear I look like a bobble head doll. huge head and for the one and only time in my life small shoulders. I also noticed that I grew into my nose. Perhaps being a few pounds overweight is a good thing for my face!! LOL and to those of you who live near me...don't count on seeing the picture. I also got to look at the past. Wow baby pictures of Reagan, pictures of my Grandparents who are now with Jesus...I cannot wait to get these into a book and capture the stories to pass along to my children. I would love to write more but alas organizing always looks worse before it looks better and I certainly don't want Ron to think he's walked into the wrong house when he comes home tonight. I'm off to organize and a little later I will reward myself with time to create something. I'll post a picture when I am done! Happy New Year!!