Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Camping We Will Go

So yesterday was the big day. Time to get Reagan ready to go on her first camp out with the American Heritage Girls. Easy enough. Ryan and I go shopping for all the things on her giant list. One hundred dollars later we are through. After we get home I start putting things together and realize that she does not have enough clean pants so I throw a load of laundry in. Time flies by and it's time to get the kids from the school bus. Keep in mind Ryan just got off the potty a few minutes ago so imagine my surprise when I am ready to walk out the door and he is soaked in pee. Great. I call my neighbor and he goes and gets the kids. We race around the house trying to finish the packing and getting Reagan another shower since I don't know when she'll get to have one. I call my friend Angie and since neither of us knows where we are going we decide to follow each other. We pick a meeting spot and it's ready set go. I knew Reagan needed to eat dinner and since I didn't know what time they were doing what I take everyone through Wendy's. We go to pull away from the drive thru and i look in the bay...3 straws...4 drinks. I was just about to complain about this when I hear...SPLASH...Rebecca dumped what was supposed to be a small size soda but was more like a medium, all over the floor. Instead of quickly picking it up she stands there. Since I am buckled with stuff on my lap I start yelling...hurry up pick it up!!!! Too late. Entire cup all over the floor. So she grabs a towel and starts to clean it up. Now she's crying. I tell her I am sorry for yelling but she informs me that's not why she is crying...she has no drink now. I say don't worry about it you can share with Ry because he doesn't need a 2 liter for a drink. Now we are running late. I pull out of the parking lot and over goes my soda and my fries go flying. At this point I am like...seriously?? I get a call, it's Angie she has forgotten her own jacket and since she was staying with the girls she has to go back. We just bought ourselves 20 minutes. I stop at another light and hear...OH GREAT!'s Becs again...spilled fries. UNREAL. We finally get to the meeting place and i get out to pour some of Ryan's drink into Becca's cup and Reagan says the words I am starting to dread...OH GREAT! I look over and she has spilled her fries. Then she has the nerve to say...Bad things always happen to me....REALLY??? My car just got baptised in root beer and fries and bad things happen to her? I think not. Well God spared her a lecture because one minute later Angie pulls up. So we are on our way. The ride there was uneventful except for the last 20 minutes where Ryan starts to cry because he has to pee. He's hurts...which i have finally figured out means...I am holding it and I can't do this much longer. I tell him, and did I mention he had no nap, just pee you have a pull up's OK. He doesn't get it so continues to cry the rest of the way. We finally arrive at camp it's dark and pouring rain. Like Movie rain where you are soaked within minutes. Our tent is not ready so we put all of our things in on tent. Ryan is still crying because he has to pee and now he's getting wet, Rebecca admits she lied and did not go to the bathroom before she left and now has to go and Reagan has disappeared into the dark before I could give her some last minute instructions. I send Bec to the bathroom with some of the older girls, hold Ry, put him down, pick him up, put him down beg him to tell me why he is still crying and then it happens. Sweet relief he can't hold it a second longer and he finally pees. See, I told you your pants wouldn't get all wet. Thinking not much else can go wrong I kiss Reagan good bye help her get her poncho on, remind her not to get lost and we head back to the car. Becca informs me that the bathrooms/outhouse smelled so bad there was no way she was going in there. As we get back to the car, it's still pouring and I am soaked, I tell bec to go to the front of the car, pull your pants down and squat down and pee. I reminded her to hold her pants out of the way. I get Ry settled and her comes Becca around the corner soaked from waist to ankles with pee. She didn't know I meant she had to pull her pants all the way down. Now I just start laughing. It's so ridicules at this point all I can do is laugh. Thankfully I had one more blanket in the trunk so I told her to strip down and to wrap herself in the blanket. I get a few things switched around and I look in the back seat and she is sitting there half naked on top of the blanket. I said...don't you think you might get cold? She replies yes I am freezing. After a long exhale I tell her to WRAP herself in the blanket like a towel around her waist. We are finally headed home. The only thing left to do was have my car break down or get lost but thankfully none of that happened. What a night. This morning I took Reagan new shoes because hers were soaked and some new socks because by the time they got their tent set up the floor was wet. So glad she had a mat to sleep on. Tonight will be cold and the windows in her tent do not close. Hopefully all the other things I gave her to keep her warm will work. She is however having the best time ever. She was learning to build a fire when I left.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Reagan is going camping tomorrow night with her scouting program. Thankfully my Dad has camped in a tent before and gave me some advice of how to keep her warm. It has been quite chilly here at night so I am hoping it works. She will earn about 6 badges this weekend which is awesome for her, not so great for me. That means I have to sew them all on the vest. Ugh. However, I think I am going to find that boy scout store because they are smart and have this super sticky stuff just for badges. No sewing!! I am sure that will look about a million times better as I am a terrible sewer. I hope to hear some good stories from Reagan when she returns. I cannot go because I and Ron have to work at one time or another. I am trying to be super sad about that, but my version of camping has a camper in it with a bed and heat for heaven sakes. I seriously need to pull my camera out. It has been ages since I have posted anything with any pictures. I have been a little stressed lately and I think it's coming out in my posts!! I promise some more light hearted stuff soon.

On a totally unrelated note, Rebecca has been scared to death to eat in the cafeteria at school. It's been a couple of weeks that she hasn't been eating her lunches. She had herself so worked up that she couldn't eat anything. Well we partnered with her teacher and I went and had lunch with the other day. She was right it is loud in there. However, we were able to look at the situation piece by piece and come up with some tangible solutions to make it less scary. Today she came home, had a great lunch, wasn't scared at all. Thank goodness for teachers that work with parents! I know I couldn't have done it alone and I am blessed to have such a great teacher for Rebecca. She has gone out of her way to help Bec work this out. I have a debt of gratitude to Mrs. Flynn!! Hopefully I am not celebrating too soon. I am just so thankful that she ate today. I have been so stressed out trying to figure out how to help her. God has given amazing wisdom to us and to her teacher and a fantastic amount of grace and courage to Rebecca.

One more unrelated note. I am potty training Ryan. pray for me....