Monday, August 30, 2010


Fishing is a sport that will separate the girls from the real women. I am a girl and totally OK with that. My daughter is more of woman than me. Here is  exhibit A: These next pictures are Reagan putting a worm on a hook. As if that is NOT impressive enough...she pulled the worm apart is my hero baiting a hook:

I have to say I was quite proud of her and of all of the girls that baited their own hooks. It was of course not because they watched their grossed out fearless leader. Thankfully there were some men there to take over the training. I did watch and cheer them on and take pictures of their awesomeness. I just don't feel the need to prove myself any more so...
However the because it was dusk I did get to get some cool pictures of the sun setting:

I am sorry to say that no fish were caught...oh wait I take that back...It was this big {...........}
Told Ya...for once I was not embellishing! What I learned about myself is that I just refuse to do some things and touching groody slimy worms and just as slimy fish is one of those things. I am OK with that. I am also OK that it was my daughter NOT my son who was OK with touching the untouchable worm. I am sure as soon as he finds out they will scream and run if he has one in his hand, he will be digging them up non stop!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School

No sweeter words have ever been spoken! Well except for that time I tried to homeschool...then "Back to School" brought my eyes! I am pretty sure you are all tired of checking this blog just to see that I have yet to write anything new. Well I have a new system around here. It's called my day by the hour and yes writing my blog does fit into one of those hours!!

Anyway, first day of school, that's where I was. So as it has been since Ron started running a store the first day of school falls squarely on my shoulders since he is out of town all week. Monday was interesting in that I was alone and had to be at three different places all at once. I did it. With help of course and a LOT of very fast driving. Looking back probably pointless to try to do it all, but hey at least I got it all done.

Yesterday we got showers, picked out clothes and we were ready to rock and roll this morning. The morning went nice and smooth and then began the longest day of my entire calendar year. I am always so nervous all day long wondering how the kids are doing. Did they find their class room ok? Is that mean girl in Reagan's class? Did Reagan find someone to play with at recess? Will Rebecca get into trouble for talking too much? Will she struggle in the lunchroom again or find a new problem? Boy teachers...will they survive this? Before we knew Ryan and I were down at the bus stop picking up the girls....who had a GREAT day! They both love the boy teachers although Reagan's teacher is a bit strict. She is afraid she will get into trouble if she talks at the wrong time, so for now she has taken a vow of silence. She is also concerned about a boy in her class because the teacher said , "We will be the best class in the hallway, and if we can't do on our own, we will do it because we will practice until we can get it right!" Apparently this boy has trouble being quiet in line and standing still. My guess is that "practice" would come right during the walk to recess...never a good sign. What do you want though from a teacher who has it right in the rules: "NO DRAMA!" Good luck to him...has he met 5ht grade girls? LOL Reagan says she will try really hard. Yeah she will work so hard at NO DRAMA all day that we will get the lions share when she gets home!!

While the girls were gone my little man and I met friends and took advantage of the last two weeks of free bowling. However, real life is so very different than playing bowling on the Wii and Ryan was reduced to tears...again...when he couldn't get them all down all the time! He did have a rough day and talk about drama...yikes! Poor guy feels like everyone is leaving him...really? I'm here....but I don't count because I am ALWAYS here...someone should pity me. He did smash his little fingers in between Ron's car door and mine when I was changing out the car seats and he did state OVER and OVER and OVER again how very hungry he was this morning. Never mind that I was making it!!!! UGH! Anyway, he and I had great moments of a day and I look forward to him being well rested tomorrow and having the best day yet!

As for me....well I feel like a brand new woman! I was so desperate for a break that even having 2 of the 3 gone was a great relief. Meeting the needs of three people all day long is so taxing. Especially when they ask me questions ALL DAY LONG! Seriously I think this summer they forgot to think for themselves! But by the time they got home, fun, happy, thinks shes funny, mom was back in town. I think I hear the girls sighing with relief. In fact it was down right funny watching look at me to see if I was real or a happy mommy mirage. Whatever. Ron will be back tomorrow and hopefully we won't have to be apart any longer. This has been the longest 3 weeks of all time. I miss him. Well this should satisfy my 3 readers for a day or so! Oh and I just realized I forgot to call my Mother in Law back...sorry mom....trip was started today...when are ya coming out for a visit?

Back to School...sweet words, but I couldn't help but miss them....I am sure I will be fine tomorrow!