Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Baby's Birthday!

Earlier this Month Ron turned 38!! It's our tenth year of celebrating together and I feel blessed that we still not only like each other but love each other too! The kids and I decided to get Ron a Satellite radio system for his car, which will be installed tomorrow. Because we didn't have it in hand he had to put together a puzzle to find out what his gift was.
The week before his birthday we celebrated with some friends and had cake and ice cream. So on his real birthday we decorated the kitchen with balloons and streamers and I let the girls pick a dessert to make for their daddy. Reagan choose lemon bars. She made it from start to finish and only got assistance when putting it in and taking it out of the oven.
Rebecca chose ice cream sundaes. She selected several different toppings and chopped them up and put them all in little bowls.
When it came time to put them together she assisted us in pouring on the toppings. Ryan was my tape holder and helped us get everything ready. As it came time for Ron to make his wish,
I looked around and realized how very blessed we are. It was indeed Ron's birthday, but I feel like I was given the greatest gift when God hand picked Ron for me. He is more than I could have hoped for in a husband and consistently amazes me in the ways he evolves as a father. Our little family is certainly blessed to have Ron in it. Happy Birthday Honey...You are the best!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Sounds of a Holiday

Pretty much since Ron and I got married we have spend our Holidays alone. There was one Christmas that we were with family, but between a little one in the hospital, a death on my side of the family and everyone getting the "just kill me now" flu, we don't really count that one!! There were a few Thanksgivings along the way that I got to spend with my sister and I treasure those too, but for the most part it was our little family. Don't get me wrong, I love that time, but when I grew up the excitment of the holiday came waiting for relatives to arrive. All the smells of food cooking and the joyful sounds of guests arriving, really made it feel like a Holiday. When it's just your small family it feels more like just another day with a lot of dishes!! We've been back East now for almost two years and we've had some Holiday's together, but each has fallen short of what I remember as a child. I began to think that like so many other childhood things, maybe it's just not as great as an adult. Take Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, there is nothing better as a kid, but now as an adult I take a bite and the "greatness" is totally lost on me. However, this past Easter was different. My sister in law and her children came out a day early to spend the weekend with us. We played all day, got some meal prep done, colored Easter Eggs, filled baskets and eggs and just had a great time.

On Easter Sunday we all surprised ourselves when all nine of us were dressed and ready for the early service at church. We jump in the car and only arrive a few minutes late. HA! we were so far in the front we were in front of the Pastor!! However this was a super cool experience for all of us. When you sit that close there are zero distractions, the music just surrounds you and you know you better pay attention to the preaching because the pastor is just feet away. Having the great reminder that just one amazing encounter with Jesus will set your life on a whole new direction, was just one of the points that we got to take home with us that day. As we drove home there was chatter about the service and what we liked and got out of it and it was a really nice time. Upon arriving home we looked for baskets and eggs and of course couldn't find that one egg that is bound to smell up the house at some point!!.

We did find it the next day, thankfully. Once we told kids big and small that they must stayed dressed up until Nana could see them, everyone kind of settled into their day. Then it happened a squeal of delight as it was announced that Nana and PopPop had arrived followed shortly by Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. As the house filled up with people and noise it was starting to feel more and more like a Holiday. At one point I was standing doing the dishes and I just closed my eyes for a moment. There it was...the sound of a Holiday. I just stood a second and soaked it in so I could keep that moment with me always. The laughter and conversations the t.v entertaining those "sleeping" in the living room, that is just what I remember. As I opened my eyes and looked around I also got to see my children sitting on laps of their family learning a new game together.
I got to see Reagan make the trasition from just being a "little" kid to a girl who could also hang with her older cousins. I heard Uncle Mel teasing my husband while teaching him how to put our garden together. This is a Holiday. When we finish a meal and move our chairs in to big rectangle and just share stories and laugh. We are blessed with the baskets and the candy and beautiful dinner, but it is the people that we share our lives with that make these days special. I am so thankful for the family God has given us that come together on at these times to remind each other that no matter what life has delt us at the moment we can get through it because we have each other.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Making It Right

Every now and then we get to fix a mistake and make something even better than it was before. Here is the scene, it's Wednesday morning I am making breakfast and Reagan is getting her folder together for school when she discovers she has done the wrong math page. For the next half hour I battle with her and myself between frustration and stress all over a silly piece of homework. I yelled and I tried to walk away but I just couldn't leave it alone. My daughter got in the car with Ron and headed off to school with tears running down her cheeks. Each tear was my fault because I choose to yell instead of be in control. Taking a page from a friend's play book, I got ready for my day and told Ron I needed to go to the school. As I walked into the office there sat the lady that always makes me feel like an idiot. Oh well, not today, I am on a mission. In my most matter of fact voice I announce, "I am Reagan's Mom and this is the class she is in and I need to speak with her right now!" as the woman just stared at me I finished with a "Thank You" and I turned around. About 5 seconds later I heard her pick up the receiver and call for Reagan. Surprised was the look on Reagan's face as she came down the hall and saw me standing there. I didn't mean to cry, but I was so upset with myself that I couldn't help it. I'll spare you the details but I made sure she understood that our relationship was way more important than that math page and that I was wrong. I didn't want her to carry my mistake with her all day. I've been that kid, I didn't want that for her. After we were done she went back to her class and I went home. When I picked her up from the bus I got a giant hug. I asked her what that was for and she replied, "Because you came all the way to my school just to make me feel better and that was the most awesome thing any Mom could do." Wow. She is like a new person. God took my mistake and because I humbled myself with my daughter He has healed a relationship that was starting to form cracks. Even Reagan said she feels like our relationship is in a whole new place. I could have waited until she got off the bus, but I don't think it would have had nearly the effect it did. No wonder the Bible says..."If you have ought with your brother, leave what you are doing and go make it right..." I'm so thankful that this time I did, what a great gift making it right has given me.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Store!!

Well I finally joined the Etsy store world!! My shop name is somethingnew4you. I plan to add all kinds of items as I make them. There is also a spot that if you need something in particular you can see if I can make it. This is really cool and I am super excited!! Here is a picture of my first listing!! The link can be found at the bottom of my blog page.