Thursday, September 20, 2012


I guess it wasn't enough that I found a gray hair a few weeks back, but now I need reading glasses too! The gray hair didn't last long, I promptly called Chrissy and we dyed it the very next day. She helped me pick out a stellar color that as long as they keep making it, I will use it!

Fast forward a few weeks and several headaches later, I finally went to the eye doctor. I thought the headaches were from stress, but it turns out I needed some reading glasses. The doctor actually said I have a very mild distance sight problem and suggested BIFOCALS...I just looked at him and he must have understood because I got a 3 minute explanation about how lots of people between 35 and 40 are needing bifocals now a days. He ended the education with saying I only needed it if it bothered me because the script is so slight. I am sorry to admit, I am way too vain for that nonsense...bifocals....good grief, what the heck is going to happen at 40??

So here I sit with my ever so cute reading glasses thankful that I only need them when I read. I guess if I am just going to study all of the time I should look the part..glasses and all!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Just Like Fish

I was cleaning the fish bowl today. No, they aren't my fish and yet I get this joy...I am blessed. Anyway, I put the fish in a much smaller bowl and they seemed really happy just swimming around in there. In the mean time, I cleaned their much bigger and better bowl and put pretty rocks in there. As I tried to get the fish in my little net to put them in the bigger, better bowl, God started to talk to me like He does when I am doing something very NOT spiritual. I got to thinking about how we think life is so grand in our "small fish bowl." We are swimming around doing our thing. And then one day something interrupts our normal and we do our best to fight it and avoid it and try to maintain status quo. What we don't realize, too many times, is that the interruption has the hand of God attached to it. Thankfully He is patient to chase us around the bowl and try different things to get us in the net, just so He can bless us with something so much better than we currently have. I am not sure what my fish thought once they arrived in their clean, bigger home, but I know more times than not, when I finally get in God's net I am blown away by His plan.

School for me is one of His nets. I know it is where He has me and I sure did fight it for a while. But now that I am there, I am seeing Him working in me in ways I never thought possible. He is showing me more and more about how He made me and the potential He has placed inside of me for my place in this world. As I embrace and step out of my comfort zone I see more and more the impact He has on people through me and I am blown away. I am excited to continue and see what else is in this "bowl" that I am in for now and maybe, just maybe, next time I won't resist because the new place is really, really cool!