Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Sound of Silence

I have been enjoying the remake of Simon and Garfunkle's song "The Sound of Silence." For some reason that song ran through my head as I make dinner and my house is the polar opposite of that concept. Some might think I long for the sounds of silence but the fact of the matter is that I love the noise. As I hear the crinkle of the aluminum foil, I am aware that a healthy dinner is headed our way. I can hear Reagan's occasional burst of laughter from the living room as she reads something funny. Rebecca's trumpet blares the beautiful notes of a C scale as she prepares to practice. The rather loud drumming of the snare as Ryan works to perfect his lesson for the week. These are the sounds that make my soul happy. Sounds that I know, all too soon, will be gone and an element of  silence will fill my home. The sounds of laughter, bickering, conversations and stories told are the best parts of my day.

Quickly I realize, however, these sounds are not all I look forward too each day. As I sit here taking it all in, I am just waiting for my best friend to walk through the door. To hear about his day and share with him mine. Although I know as the kids grow and move on to their adult lives, my home will still be filled with laughter, playful bickering, conversations and stories told because I get to be married to my best friend. I am overwhelmed with how blessed my life is!