Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bad Timing

So I think at this point it is clear that my picture a day idea is not going to work. Big surprise I am sure. I swear each time I sit in my class I get another huge assignment to do. I think it is finally time to admit that i just can't do everything all at once!

In happier news, I am currently carrying an A in all three classes, the dreaded math class included. In fact I have to cut this short because I have a math test tomorrow and there is lots to study yet! There is four weeks left and a final exam that breaks down to: Speech: 8 classes left (including the final exam) Sociology: 8 classes and Math: 13 classes...Not that anyone is counting or anything. Hopefully I can finish strong and keep all of these A's.

The books are calling...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mental Picture Day

Ha! I know that is a total cop-out, but alas all I have time for, so, picture this:

A stack of books, each one filled with page after page of non-fiction ever educating your tired mind. Next to the books is a stack of paper, waiting to be filled with the knowledge you just absorbed. A steaming cup of coffee, in hand, waiting to be sipped so you are sure to stay awake until all the assignments are complete. However, you must picture yourself walking away from this stack because you still have a 2 hour class to attend. Never fear, when you walk back through the door, that stack will be there waiting to greet you. It's good like learned its ways from the dishes and the laundry. I am sad to report there is no homework fairy either...unless...gasp....I AM the fairy...drat.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pony Rides

Today my dear friend Chrissy invited us out to a fund raiser at a barn called Trails and Tails. There they had pony/horse rides for the kids and a bon-fire for us to keep warm. Turns out the fire is a double edged sword because although it is toasty while you stand by it, once you walk away the cold feels colder!! At any rate, it was fun to spend some time together. Ryan had a small melt down and Abby bit into a piece of gum and pulled her tooth out! Other than that it was a super fun morning...
Rebecca on the pony! She totally wants riding lessons now...her Aunts will be so happy.

Ryan on the horse. After a few rides he was telling the lady he could do it himself!
Thankfully she has rules to follow and that wasn't an option.

Chrissy and Abby having some fun together...before the tooth incident!

Abby with her fabulous "I love horses" face paint, taking a lap!

Reagan, who although can completely hold her own on a horse, would rather be lead around than not get to ride at all!

The super cool thing about this barn is that their lessons are super affordable. We are hoping in the spring to be able to let both girls take lessons. It was a really fun morning and I am so glad we went. Now I must get back to my homework. The kids are busy so I might actually be able to get through one of these half page math problems without someone interrupting me! Ron is watching TV with the headphones on and he keeps laughing. Every now and then I shoot angry, jealous eyes at the back of his head...stupid math.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Yikes 6 minutes until tomorrow... I almost missed a picture on day 3 for heavens sake!! This was taken on our whale watching tour off of Cape May, NJ
The water of the Atlantic was so smooth on this day, it was amazing. The white water was from our boat but the water in the top of the picture was how calm the rest of it was...really beautiful!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A little bit of fall

I wish I could have waited for better light but alas it was kind of a busy day. Here is today's picture:

These are my two favorite trees next to my house. The yellow one can be so much better, as it is more beautiful than it shows in  this picture.  Behind it is a red tree that is amazing as well. That red tree is right outside a window and when the blinds are open it makes me happy that its the tree leaves that fill the window scene instead of the neighbors house!
The trees in our area have kind of been traumatized by the weather so there aren't too many that bright, brilliant colors. I have really been taking in those that do have the color. One thing I love about this yellow tree is how the yellow leaves pop against the green grass and make a nice yellow tree skirt around the base of the tree!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A new idea

So I have been brainstorming how I can combine a few things that I love, into the few short extra minutes I have each day. Today I think I have come up with it...a Picture a Day. We all know that sticking with something for any length of time is not my strong suit, but my goal is to share a picture a day with all of you. Some days may have words, others just the picture, but the idea is for the next year to post at least one picture each day. It combines my love of photography with blogging and helps me put aside the homework for a minute and do something I enjoy. I hope that over the months we will see an increase in the quality of the photos I take and hopefully I can help those who don't live here experience PA. I am sure there will be "people" shots as I do those best, but I am also hoping to capture some of the beauty in the landscape of this place we call home. For today:
Rusty was so sad that he could not come trick or treat with us. Although I can see that this behavior will destroy my binds, I couldn't resist how adorable he looked. Poor guy felt left out...

My favorite thing about this time of year is the beautiful sunrises I get to enjoy out my front window. Next time I hope to have my camera down by the creek as the steam was rising from the had a super cool look to it.

Snow in October?

Just like they predicted we got hit with snow over the weekend. Although I tried to be adult about it and hate it...I loved every minute of it. The kids got their gear on and played, I enjoyed a nice hot drink and watched it fall. It really was the perfect kind of on Saturday gone by Monday!! It totally put me in the Christmas mood, even though it is a little early for all of that!!

These aren't the best pictures I have ever taken, but you get the idea. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!