Sunday, June 10, 2012


Remember the snake from the other day? Well I must say I am pleased to know where he currently resides. You see my friend Chrissy was over and the kids were playing in the pool, again, and I saw my friend the blue jay up  by the tree in the back yard. He was doing this weird dancing around thing and then I saw it...this rope like thing strike up into the air toward Blue. Well, that snake messed with the wrong bird! It took about ten minutes but eventually the bird proclaimed victory over the snake near the shed. Slither got pecked to death by Blue and that is kind of sad. The happy part is that I officially know where the snake is as Blue dragged him behind the shed and probably had a feast on the biggest "worm" he has EVER seen!! I was waiting for the crow bullies to show up and steal it, but alas they did not. I can safely walk in the grass again without wondering where I might encounter Slither! Whew. I do, however, feel bad about HOW he died, but if I do what my pastor says and tell 100% truth...I'm so glad he's gone!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Random Things From the Week

Here comes another storm. They have been rolling in every couple of days or so. I love them because they keep the weather at a beautiful temperature, but they make my pool dirty!
 This is our pool. It serves the purpose of keeping the kids occupied and cool, but it keeps getting filled with stuff flying in the air from the above mentioned storms! That was bugging me until today when we traded storm debris for a snake...
Yes he freaked me out for a second. But then I got the camera, when he kind of coiled back and stared at me head on, I decided I was too close and backed up a bit and got this shot. He has maybe another inch or so of tail. I will not be going in the grass for the rest of the day because I don't know where he went!

My birthday was this week and I was so excited to get my first helmet! Ron and I have gone on a few rides together and I am HOOKED!! I see many summer dates exploring back roads on his bike. We are even busy planning a day trip if our rear ends can handle four hours on the motorcycle!!

This gift was from Reagan! Ryan got me a book and Rebecca got me some pretty pj's. I am really blessed with some thoughtful kids that know my taste so well!!

These beautiful flowers were also part of birth week. I wish I could add a smell function because these roses are so fragrant!! I just LOVE the color!!

Here is our garden this year. We have tried to grow stuff every year and it looks like we might finally be successful!! These are two different types of tomato plants and I am so excited how they are thriving. I grew these from seeds started inside!

Ron built me raised beds and then made these super cool covers with PVC pipe and netting. Keeping all of the wildlife out has brought our blueberry bush back to life and is giving our plants a chance to grow. Thanks to all of the storms I haven't had to water them much!!

I was excited about these cucumber plants because I grew them from seed, they flowered and then I had to plant them in the ground. However, they started to die. I am please to see that not only have they come back to life, they are flowering again...who knew plants could be so exciting??

That is our week so far. The kids got out of school today and already spent and hour in their rooms. Not a great start but I think they will get the hang of it!! Well it's pouring rain now and the crew is hungry so I must go...kind of wish I had a plan for dinner!!!