Sunday, January 29, 2012

You Will Be Saved

I was considering a passage of scripture the other day. I must confess I am too lazy at this moment to go find it and give the reference, but it is popular enough that you will know it's in there if you read the Bible at all. The verse says something to the effect that those who call on the name of Jesus will be saved. For countless years I have kept that phrase in one tiny,little, box of meaning. That it only meant to be saved from hell. However, the other day I believe that God really opened my mind to what He really meant.

It was one of those mornings and at 8:15AM I was already stressed out. Taking the advice of a good friend, I closed my eyes and inhaled and exhaled the name of Jesus. The first syllable on the way in and the last on the exhale out. After about 3 breaths I could feel fresh grace pour over me and I went about my day brand new.

What I had done was call on the name of Jesus and I was...saved. Saved from frustration, saved from a pity party, saved from anger and saved from doing something I would have to ask for forgiveness from later. How small minded of me to think that calling on Jesus would only save me from the number one issue of hell. I can imagine Jesus standing there waiting and waiting, hoping that we will take Him at His word and call on Him so he can save us from all the things that this world throws at us.

I encourage you that the next time you are anything but full of joy and peace, call on the name of Jesus and allow Him to do what He save you from whatever you face. He is good, He is faithful and He is quick!! This is one promise I will not let go to waste!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

O Christmas Tree

My Christmas tree has been up for quite some time now. I am just now taking it down. As I was doing so, I starting to think about all the wonder and magic that is present when we put it up as a family and what a chore it is as I take it down alone. A month and a half ago I looked at each ornament and recalled memories. Today I see how many I can take off at one time without any of them breaking. I also started to notice a the angel made out of toilet paper...huh...really? LOL That always brings me to the thoughts of my ever growing children. Like when Reagan declared she only had six years of school left and the ache that promptly starts to form in my chest. I tried to imagine what my tree will look like when everyone is grown and gone. Will it be one that matches and has beautiful decorations all symmetrically placed? I think of how beautiful yet boring that tree would be.

I can hardly believe this Christmas season has come and gone and here we are starting another year. I feel like it went passed me in a blur and didn't even really "feel" like Christmas. So now as I take down this tree, instead of a chore to be done, I am taking the time to remember the past year and all of its great memories. The ways my family has grown and the individuals in it. I am thankful that at this stage I "get it." Time goes fast and that is helping me really treasure each moment instead of racing from one thing to the next. Yes we are busy, but even in the activity there are moments and like Mary did in the Bible, I hope that I too will tuck these things away in my heart and remember them always.

I am blessed beyond measure and yet I look forward to this next year with excitement at all God has in store for us. Some things we have gotten a glimpse of and after I put the fear aside I can say I am truly excited. There are other things that haven't been discovered yet, adventures planned, and moments to tuck away. If I have one resolution it is this: to get all I can out of each moment and each day that God gives me. To live in the present and really live this precious life...