Friday, May 14, 2010

Cake Walk

I volunteered to donate two cakes to our school's cake walk for Family Fun night. I figured the best way to entice children to walk for cakes was to cover them with candy. So while the cakes baked Ryan and I spent 20 minutes separating mini M&M's into different colored bowls. It was actually fun spending that time with him. He is very good at sorting. The end result was a mosaic looking picture that was super fun to make. Hopefully it will be the cake of the night. I, however, will not know because we are not going. I am sorry to say that the thunderstorms are rolling in already. Hopefully they have a plan B for all of the outside games. Here are my masterpieces:

After working so hard on these, Ryan has it in his mind that we must make another for when his grandparents come on Sunday. The white one has chocolate cake and the Chocolate one has...yep....white cake. Pretty sneaky, huh?!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So I met some new friends last Friday that have children the same age as ours. In fact they even have the girl, girl, boy order. The time at the park was wonderfully fun. We had a picnic lunch and all of the kids played so well together. Because I am me and I have a daughter just like me, we always seem to be able to make the event memorable. Yes, there is a story here...

Reagan and her new friend Emily were messing around on the baby swings. Since we were initially the only ones at the park no one cared. As any good mother would, I cautioned my eldest to NOT put her legs in the holes as she will most certainly get stuck. I refuse to divulge how I know that. Anyway, Emily is very petite and she accidentally put her legs in the holes but was easily able to get her legs back out. A few minutes later my dear Reagan has this very same accident with a minor exception...she got stuck. I am not suggesting a let me help you out of there kind of stuck, it was more of a "are we going to have to call the fire department" kind of stuck. So my friend, Michelle and I are trying our best, after laughing and taking pictures, to get Reagan out. No luck. Have you ever tried to lift someone as tall as you out of something and over your head?? It's VERY hard. Anyway, soon a gracious man comes over and asks if we need help. We, all three, worked on trying to get her out for at least 20 minutes if not longer. As I looked at everyone I was mortified at the thought of calling the fire department to CUT MY 10 YEAR OLD OUT FROM THE BABY SWING!! Reagan was equally embarrassed by that thought and insisted that she could get out. Finally we tipped her backward and with the strange man tugging on her, Michelle and I were able to get the swing in position and pretty much dump her out with much shaking and tugging. This was unpleasant for Reagan so say the least. Finally out she comes. We go in the bathroom to check out the damage. Her legs look scraped and starting to bruise and then she bursts into tears. Poor thing. So I ask if she is hurt or embarrassed and she sobs, "both." So we dry her tears do a final check to make sure all is working well and dig out some ice packs from the picnic lunch. Our new friends will not forget their time with us...that's for sure!

Reagan insists that now she will listen to me more often as it is crystal clear that I am not just trying to prevent her from having fun but actually know what I am talking about...sometimes! Oh and she as a healthy aversion to baby swings too!

Rebecca and Elizabeth were across the park...I think they were pretending they didn't know us!!