Thursday, November 25, 2010


We have spent the month preparing for Thanksgiving. Not necessarily for the dinner but for the family and and the attitude and the atmosphere. What I have learned this month is that when our attitude is to be intentional thankful, our outlook on every situation seems to change. For an example, when my washing machine broke it was super frustrating at first, but then I took time to just thank God for all I did have and for all of the things that were going right! All of a sudden it didn't seem so bad. It set me up for such a great blessing when He provided a brand new one for half the cost. I was such a better experience that way. God promises that He is Good and will do good for those of us who love Him and no matter how that good is packaged we are to be thankful. So this Thanksgiving take time to inventory all the things and people that you have to be thankful for and truly give thanks. When those same things and people annoy you be thankful that they are still around to do probably annoy them too! LOL To all my family and friends...I am so blessed because you are in my life...Thank You...

Friday, November 19, 2010


I have become an expert time waster. Of this I am not proud, but it is in fact true. I am pretty sure all I have accomplished today is starting many, many projects I don't have time to finish before Tuesday. The one thing I really needed to accomplish, I have yet to begin. Of course it's a creative sort of thing and I am feeling anything but creative lately. What's weird is that I have been very focused lately and it seems that once I signed up for college classes it has all gone to pieces. All I can assume is that in the back of my mind, I am aware that I am going to have to be organized and intentional every day once I begin, so I am slacking now. Or what if...gasp...this is some sort of random test to see if I can in fact do all I want to do? All I know right now, is you will have something to read because I am, again wasting some precious time. I do have a plan though. In the next 15 minutes I will begin. It starts with a timer and I will probably accomplish more in that one hour than I have all day! I think it is very clear right now that I don't have much to say. Well, I suppose if you are reading this, you too are in fact wasting time so at least I am in good company! I will end with a poem that I wrote for my friend. I am quite happy with the way it turned was inspired by a true story...LOL

Beauty in the Broken

We walked along the beach today

A place I know so well

I thought that I had taught you

How to find the perfect shell

Edges that are smooth and round

Color perfect too

All the shells with cracks and breaks

Just would not do

With all your gleeful sighs

You must have found the one

Imagine my surprise

When I’d seen what you had done

Gathered in your tiny hand

Broken shells did lay

There was such joy in your eyes

What could I say?

You showed me all the beauty

That was in your hand

Unique shape, size, and color

Just lying in the sand

I always just walk by the broken

Without a second glance

But when you picked up a broken shell

You saw a second chance

No wonder He says, “Be like a child”

Because they know His heart

He searches for the beauty in the broken

To give a brand new start

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Tooth Fairy Lives

Early in the year an informative little kid ruined the tooth fairy for me Rebecca. She came home asking if the tooth fairy was real. Being more logical than not she said to "just tell her, it's fine." So I did. Rebecca has lost 7 more teeth since then and each time i felt sad that she missed out on the greatness of the letters and cash from the tooth fairy.

A couple of nights ago she lost another tooth. Being fed up with the raw deal she has gotten I informed her that she needed to put that tooth under her pillow because the tooth fairy lives. She gave me her best 7 year old, squinty eyed look and said, "I know the tooth fairy isn't real mom." I disagreed and said, "I am the tooth fairy, I am real and put your tooth under the pillow please." She did and with great joy I took it, left a note and enough cash to make up for all of the teeth she had lost this past year.

Now Reagan has lost a tooth. I swear someone told them I had a few bucks...teeth are falling out all over the place! It is under her pillow right now because that's how Reagan is. And even though she knows it's me her heart is full of anticipation of what she will find tomorrow. She will be such a great mom someday. She has a knack for making things so special. Anyway, what starts as an amazing milestone eventually turns into the glimpse of the future. These are molars...she is almost done being a child. I get that she has a ways to go before she is an adult, but each of these last teeth closes this childhood door a little more until it will close completely and I will hear the turn of the lock. It goes by so fast. She is almost as tall as me now. I wonder if she will keep growing and pass me up, or if she will reach her full height here in 5th grade and never grow another inch as I did? I guess tonight it doesn't matter. Tonight I get to be the tooth fairy one more time for her. I will get to write a note that she will read again and again. Tonight I get to put a stopper in the door of childhood and let it be prolonged for a few more moments. Who knew that a little tiny tooth could say so much and make a grown woman melt into tears. I am blessed, so very blessed that I get to be a mom...their mom.

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Official

After a year or so of thinking about it, I have finally made the plunge...back to school I go! I have taken my placement test...which can I say after this many years was quite challenging. Turns out I didn't need to take the English part so that was just bonus fun. It has been way too long since i have done algebra so I get to take two extra classes there. That alone is super exciting...not so much. Anyway, I met with my advisor and we have a plan. Somewhere in the spring of 2015 I will have a degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography...Ultrasound Tech really. I knew I wanted to do something in Health care but Nursing has never felt like the right fit. A year and a half ago I talked with my sister in law and she suggested Ultrasound. Once we started looking into the job itself, I thought that it would be a really good fit for me. So here I go on a new journey. Ron is excited for me, the kids are happy I will be sitting at the homework table too, and for me it feels nice to have some direction. We knew with college expenses at some point I would have to work, this will be completed in enough time for us to save a bit and then not stress when it all begins. I am sure as the kids get older too they will much appreciate me having something more to do than "hover" over them...don't tell them but I can totally do both!!