Thursday, August 21, 2008

Getting Creative

Well I finally took some time to create something!! This is a desk calendar for 2009! In the blank areas I can put pictures of my family or a trip or nature or whatever. I am super pleased with how this turned out. Ron wants me to make him one, but I need to make it a little more masculine!! Wouldn't want him to get picked on for the girly calendar!!

Busy Boy

Well Ryan has been in rare form lately. I'm still not sure if I should be disturbed at his latest experiments! However, he was slinging a hammer just yesterday so I guess we are OK still. Anyway, I came upstairs and found my son with purse in hand wielding it as if he were a professional! This face cracked me up because it's like he knows I busted him doing something interesting. He quickly changed that face to one of his contagious little smiles. As if the purse wasn't bad enough, I happened to look at the floor. At his feet lay my high-heel boots. Now I am getting the picture. He was trying to get the boots on as well, but the boots went clear up to his hips. Every time he would bend over to pick up the boot the purse would fall off of his shoulder. He figured out that if he held up his arm the purse would stay on. This was a priceless thing to watch. However, in true guy fashion, he decided to give up and go play with his balls!! HA!! That was not meant to be rude, but since it's so funny, I will leave it. I meant his basketball and soccer ball with bat!! Never mind...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Poor Ryan was having such a good time last night and then it happened! One trip of the foot and SLAM!!! Right into the coffee table. I have never seen anything swell this fast before!! He usually doesn't cry as he is pretty tough...but as you can see
some well deserved tears did fall. I tried to put frozen veggies on it, but have you ever tried that with a kid this age who is in pain??
Good Luck! This morning there is a nickle size bruise and he seems to be fine. Reagan was the one playing with him and of course was crying because she felt horrible. However, after Ryan said..."I OK Reaggie, I OK." It seemed all better. I am sure this is just the first installment of bumps and bruises for him, but this one gets the gold for now!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dump and Run

A friend and I were conversing through email today about the trouble our sons cause. Her son puts Butt Paste in the toaster and turns it on, all the while turning the crock pot off, my son has more of a dump and run thing going on.
Now it would appear that I am just a neglectful parent, but what I was doing at the time was helping Rebecca clean her room. The vacuum was going and so I did NOT hear a brand new box of cereal dump on the floor. Be sure to notice that some of them got stepped on and ground into the carpet!! Imagine my surprise when I just finished one big mess and came down to this. This is a fine example of why I blog...otherwise I would be insane. Perhaps instead of Fruit (ha right I think "fruit" is a little misleading)Loops, I should buy Raisin Bran...Less sugar and I can kill two birds with one stone...I'll let you figure out which birds I am referring too!! Ryan has provided a few more interesting things as of late. I will be posting them as well. Gotta love little boys!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rude Awakening!!

My girls have been involved in Vacation Bible School all week. It has been great fun! Unlike most VBS groups ours is at night. I pick up the girls at 8:40PM which means they get to bed around 10PM. That also means ZERO down time for me. Well it all started to catch up yesterday. Ron and I spent a good portion of the day building the shed so by 10PM I was tired! I am sure I fell right to sleep. Did I mention that earlier in the day, Ryan was ALONE in my bedroom??? Somewhere around 11:30 or Midnight TWO alarm clocks start going off! Not quietly, but blaring loud. Since it's dark and my faculties aren't in high function I am fumbling around trying to find the dang off button. Once found I pushed it and nothing happened. Now I get to assault yet another of my senses and flip on the bright bedroom light. I am already aware that my mouth is going to get me a session of repentance with God, so I take little heed to the words coming from my mouth at this point. Frustrated I just start pulling plugs from the outlet. On try number THREE (how much crap do we have plugged in and does it go to anything???) one obnoxious buzzer stops and then, thank the Lord, the other goes off too. Take a guess at how long it took me to fall asleep after that?? Oh, yes a good hour or two!! Needless to say my door is closed this morning. God help me when Ryan figures out how to open the doors!! I am sure you are all wondering why we have two alarm clocks? Well shortly after Ron started his new position the one alarm clock decided to not go off and he was almost late for his first day of opening the store. So as extra insurance we brought in the other. It was my son who really wants to fly across the room with a bolt of electricity that plugged the other in and so sweetly set BOTH alarms. He's lucky he's cute!!