Monday, September 12, 2011


I'm not sure why it is that I always seem to need to struggle with something before I will ask for help. I was reminded again today that God wants to be involved in the details of our lives, not just the churchy parts. For an example, I have been struggling with my math classes pretty much since I got the first book in the spring. Frustrated and joking that "you can't put in what God left out!" However, I had forgotten to ask the very one who made me and gave man the knowledge to create algebra (which can i say is up there with spiders and other things that bite) for the help and understanding that I need to finish this class. So this morning I asked God to open my mind and help me understand the concepts behind what I was being taught. What a difference today's class was. It was really amazing! And because God is who He is and I am who I am, it was no surprise when Rebecca came home from school needing help with math. Word problems no less, my enemy!! I am happy to report that I can do third grade word problems!

I guess the whole point to this post is that I hope to learn to ask first. Knowing that everything turns out better when I let God help me out. Some might call it a crutch and maybe it is, but I am so thankful that I don't HAVE to struggle. It's like He just sits there waiting for us to ask so He can help us out. Just like I do for my children. I don't want to take over for them, but when they are ready for help, nudge them in the right direction so they can soar.

On that note, it is time for me to tackle my math homework, bathed in prayer and hopefully with a supernatural understanding of compound linear inequalities!