Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I love snow. It's so beautiful. Even the houses right across the street with the snow covered trees surrounding them, white candles in the windows...so beautiful. The other thing that is great about snow is the FUN!! Oh my goodness...kids know how to have fun. If you ever just listen to their ideas and then try it. Wow, they have it nailed. Ryan was flying down our hill on his tummy and shrieked with laughter when he spun around! My heart stopped for a split second, but it was awesome to hear him have so much fun. Then the girls...Reagan runs and jumps on one and flies down and then there is Becca going it backwards. We tried different spots all piling in the sled. I am so glad I put on my stuff and headed outside. Mind you I don't have snow pants so it may take several hours for my rear to thaw out, but it was totally worth it. Once we all came inside soaking wet, I decided to not worry about the floor and just let everyone disrobe in the kitchen. It's never fun to be the last kid to get undressed while everyone else has moved on. Well, I'd love to write more but there was three cheers for hot cocoa and so I better get making it. God is so awesome to make snow so great for those who just like to look at it, those who get that warm Christmas feel in their hearts and for those who love to have a rockin good time playing in it. Thankfully He made me to love it for all three reasons!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I was in the mood tonight so I decided to make some cards. They turned out so cute that I wanted to share them with you!! I used Close to My Heart stamp set "All Decked Out" and mostly Twilight, Indian Corn Blue and Black ink. Oh and some Pansy Purple and Sunflower too! This was so much fun.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Blue Nothing

Communication...it's vital to everyday life. Today was no different than any other day blessed with a child learning to talk. Ryan is learning to tattle. It's really annoying when Rebecca does it because she lives to tell on everyone. She trys to stop but it's like her calling in life and I believe she may need an intervention soon. However, this is new for Ryan and it makes me laugh when I hear from the other room..."I tell mom!" and I hear the pounding of little feet in my direction. "Mommy, Becca crapping" um..what?! "Becca Crapping, I say stop!" Oh well, now I am certainly feeling the need to investigate. Instead of asking Rebecca if she is indeed "crapping" (and when did we start using that word?) I simply ask what is going on. Turns out she was CLAPPING and has since stopped doing so. Well, Whew, and the fact that I was even worried about what that meant should tell you something! Then there is the "Blue Nothing." That came out nice and clear, but what on Earth does it mean? After several guesses and Ryan continuing to say, "blue nothing" I finally follow my own rule and actually look where he is pointing...oh...Blueberry Muffin! LOL I just love this stage and it helps that he is so unbelievably sweet. The other stages are fun too, don't get me wrong, but there isn't anything quite like the Blue Nothing.

Adjusting the Sails

I was thinking the other day about the different stages of life that we go through as we grow and change. Some of us go with the flow, excited for each new change, others dig in their oars and try to prevent anything new from encroaching on their comfort zone. I have discovered that if we don't adjust our sails in life, one day we will look up and realize that we don't know who we are or what we are doing. One way that strikes me most is motherhood. Sometimes it's so easy to get lost in being Mom and Wife and Caretaker, that we completely lose sight of who we are. What do I like? What would I do if I had free time? What does it feel like to be rested? LOL Seriously, though, if we don't learn to adjust to new phases in life we will most certainly become lost. I am already thinking of next fall when my last little one will begin preschool. Part of me is super excited and the other part is sad to see this phase of life end. Most of the time, I love getting to be home and enjoy each child as they learn and grow. I know for a time I'll be sad to see that go and then I will pull out of the parking lot completely "free." It will be time to adjust the sails. If my entire self is wrapped up in my children, husband and family, it may sound noble, but sooner or later I will cease to be the person they love for I will have become lost. I must take the time to nurture myself and the things that I love. My daughter was surprised the other day when I told her that I do in fact like to have fun. That right there is proof that I am guilty of getting lost in the everyday. My children benefit from seeing me do the things I love and when they question my actions I get to enrich their lives with my own experiences. What a gift that is to me and to them. Next time you take time for yourself, don't feel guilty, know that it is necessary to take care of you so you can continue to give so unselfishly to others. It's your quiet offering to your family and your friends and it's amazing. So when a new wind blows, don't fight it. Adjust your sails so you can reach the full potential of the new phase of life as you enter it and most assuredly pass through to the next!