Monday, July 18, 2011


It has been so long since I have posted anything, I don't know if anyone is still looking at it! However, I just in case I wanted to post some of our summer pictures. We have had some days where the kids thought washing the car would be fun...
Rebecca is always ready for the camera. I swear I will never get an embarrassing picture of her to bribe her with later...

Reagan forever making my pictures more fun...

Ryan insists on being outside in his socks, ruining pair after pair!

We also went to the PA Grand Canyon. Some of my fellow citizens didn't believe it existed, but it does and yes it is called the PA Grand Canyon. I have no idea when we will ever get to see the real thing so for now this will have to do!

This was the start of the mile trail down the mountain. It wasn't all like that...but it's a great way to fool innocent hikers into thinking this would be easy.

They did not smile like this on the way up...

Before we got all hot and sweaty trying to lug our large arses back up the mountain

My lovely Reagan. She is wearing her cousins old team shirt. Reagan hates sports herself but is super proud of her cousin!!

This is one reason we kept walking even when we had a working knowledge that the trip back up was going to be hard.

Lots of pretty waterfalls all connected to each other.

This was the base of the canyon. This was the most shallow part in the section were we came out of the trail. Next time we will bring water shoes.

Beautiful huh?

Turns out there was a small fish in the water in the space between Ron's feet.

Can you see the fish?? He blends

Another pretty waterfall

I have more to show, but I have to jump off and feed my family. I will be back later to post some more!