Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lent Day 3-4

I made a grave mistake yesterday...I had sugar free gum. This decision came from a desire to have something sweet so I thought, hmmm, I will just have a piece of sugar free gum and that will curb my craving. Not only did it NOT curb the craving it has made it worse by about 10 fold. I am still eating fruit and bread and stuff so this constant nagging is not out of a need for carbohydrates, but simply an annoying indulgence that has been fed for far too long. I did however, put a small bag of conversation hearts in my cupboard for Easter Sunday...the day when I will be expecting a basket of candy from my family this year!! haha Unless by some miracle I feel so good by then I don't want it. I can not fathom that right now.

In other news, I took my first Anatomy 2 lab test last night. I found it quite easy, as the instructor said we should. Today I must cram for my medical terminology test. I do believe at the end of the semester and before my program starts I will be going back over this massive amount of vocabulary. It's like its own language. It has been fun between the med term and the a&p class to be able to not only spell, but know the meaning of words like cholycystokinin-pancreozymin! Makes me feel smart!!

Well, it would sure me a shame for me to fail my test because I am stalling on the study!! Hopefully to day, Lent day 4, will show some relief for the sugar desire. I think I may just let my kids eat every piece of Valentine's Day candy just so I don't have to keep looking at it!! Thank goodness there is no Dove chocolate laying around...a girl can only take so much. And yes, I am still thinking about yummy, smooth, delicious Dove chocolate...

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