Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lent - Day 2

So I woke up this morning with the headache that always follows me giving up sugar. However, I have discovered that two Excedrin will take away the pain! I don't consider myself that much of a caffeine drinker, but I think the lack of sugar AND caffeine must be a dual contributor to the headache. I cannot drink coffee at this time because my coffee is like dessert between the flavored creamer and the yummy sugar. Yes, I have tried sugar free creamer and have decided that I would rather not drink it at all. Too bad for me, I am terrified of diet chemical water, aka soda, and so that is out as well. So not only is the sugar gone, but I am having to drink more water. Perhaps a more healthy me is in store??

I have discovered two things in just two short days...I have never considered myself an emotional eater, but upon getting some challenging news yesterday all I wanted was a piece of chocolate. Huh?? That surprised me, that the one thing I would crave would be something sweet...the very definition of an emotional eater is one who turns to food to make them feel better. That's kind of a lot to take in with just one day under my belt. So being that I am doing this to see what God has for me during this time, I turned my attention to Him. I must say, that time satisfies in ways chocolate cannot and I don't even have to put sweatpants on to indulge in it!!

Secondly, I discovered, I eat when I am bored. Seriously?? I did not realize this either. After a few hours of study...I am not hungry, but in the kitchen wishing I could eat something sweet. When something sweet was not an acceptable choice I tried to think of something salty that would do the trick. As I paused to consider this, I realized that I am not hungry, just bored. However, instead of realizing this fact and jumping right back into the homework, I am here, writing this. There is more than one way to avoid homework!!

I am proud of myself though. This morning I made cinnamon rolls with frosting for the kids for a special Valentine's Day breakfast. Had fun heart covered plates covered with some chocolates and other special candies and although the aroma of the cinnamon rolls was almost more than I could take, I gave the little scrap of cinnamon roll to the dog as a Happy Valentine instead of listening to the voice that said it was a "special day" and it would be "OK" to have it.

So that is Lent day 2 or day 39 which ever way you want to count it. Some pretty big stuff to pay attention to, but I am excited to see what God is going to do as He turns my attention away from sugar and towards Himself...always a good thing!

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