Sunday, July 25, 2010

Making Time, Taking Time

I am sure any parent can relate to this issue...enough time. Some may think I am talking about having enough time to do all the chores, or work enough hours, or just get it all done peroid. What what I am talking about is that precious one on one time that if you don't make it, you certainly won't take it. I guess you could say it's always in the back of my head that I have always wanted to have more one on one time with each of the members of my family. Ron gets his time after the kids are in bed, but with 3 kids 3 years apart there is rarely a moment for me to just be with Reagan, or just be with Bec and I have to say Ry gets the lions share because he's not in school all day. However, even with him if I am not intentional, his time can get stolen away with chores or phone calls. However, a week ago, Reagan asked me why she doesn't get to stay up a little later than the rest now that she is 10. Valid question. The problem is that I was afraid that if I let her stay up my day would NEVER end. So one night when she couldn't sleep she asked if she could come down stairs with me. It was a particuarly long day and the last thing I wanted was more company. Ron was closing and I had few precious minutes all to myself. So I said, "no." Then the guilt took over so I told her she could come down stairs on one condition...DO NOT ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS!!! Seriously. I was spent from meeting everyone's needs all day long and one more question was going to put me in a straight jacket. She agreed and we had a lovely evening together playing Mario Kart and trying to open new worlds.
Each night now I find myself looking forward to a few extra minutes just her and me. What is interesting I am finding myself finally satisfied with the time we have together and the relationship we are nurturing. I am also finding that during the day she is not as needy or competitve for my time. Very interesting.

Then we have sweet, patient Rebecca. Rebecca will mention something and then not bring it up again in hope that you will remember her request for your undivided attention. I am sad to admit that sometimes my precious middle child gets lost in the shuffle. That has always been my worst fear having walked in those shoes. Oldest kid needs attention because they always have some kind of drama or life changing issue going on, youngest kid can't do much for themselves so there is the middle fending for themself and taking whatever scraps are left over. Tonight as I tucked Rebecca in bed, I turned out the light and walked away sad that another day had passed us by. Once downstairs it dawned on me that Reagan would be fine for a bit by herself so I went back upstairs to Rebecca. We have been trying to read "Ramona Forever" forever. Because we wanted to read it together. We tried to find it but couldn't and I truly think Rebecca was morn interested in going to sleep. So we made a date...tomorrow night her and I "Ramona Forever." She said goodnight with a pep in her voice excited that we were going to have a date in my room tomorrow. I know just making that effort will pay off huge for her...and me.

This parenting thing is hard work. There are so many things to juggle trying to raise these precious lives to be awesome adults who live the best life God intends for them. There are so many hours needed to get everything done. However, it's developing these relationships that are the most important. I guess if somethings get left undone so that my kiddos know that I have made time for them and we can have a firm relationship. Then it will all be worth it. However, the no more questions rule will still be in place at least some of the time. I know in a blink they will be off and the shoe will be on the other foot as I wait for them to make time for me. We make time and take time for the things that really mean the most to us. It's time for me to starting showing them what is most important to me.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby Calendar

I love to scrapbook, that's no secret, but I have projects that I especially love to do. When my sister was pregnant with her second baby, I knew how busy life would be so I made her a baby calendar. This way you fill it in when you have a chance, you have a beautiful scrapbook page and you remember to take a picture of your baby every month so you can see how much they change. Ten years later when you finally have two seconds you transfer the information to the baby book. I enjoyed putting every little detail into that book and seeing my sisters face when she opened it. Because she likes her calendar so much she has asked me to make one for her friend who is also having a baby girl. So in the quiet of my home, since all are asleep here is what I copied created tonight! It actually came in a kit  from Close to My Heart and I followed the directions but some colors have been added a a few minor changes make it a little mine too! If you would like to see it up close just click on the picture.


Coffee sweet energy giving nectar. Coffee cursed coffee. I drank you too late and not I cannot find rest.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


What is summer? Summer can be defined as endless days of trying to figure out what to do! Around here it consists of learning life skills like how to get along with people you don't like, how to continue to use a glass for wine when the day calls for just the bottle and a straw. We are learning to play with our gazillion toys because the Mom has threatened to throw them all out if one more person even suggests they have nothing to do. We are learning that a house that is 80 degrees is so very much cooler than a backyard that is 102. My children are learning that as their mother I have endless lists of chores and if they are going to complain about doing one chore I will surely have additional things they can do. They learned that one super fast. I think that all of this free time searching for people we want to be with, activities we want to do and try to not waste entire days, gives us all a love for school and the routine it brings. All in all this summer has been great so far. Knock on wood the girls took my threat of their world caving in to heart and have stopped bickering. They also found that as they try to be less selfish they are having more fun together. As for me, a little work and a little play seems to be how I will have a good day! Look a rhymer. Summer, yes endless days of trying to figure out what to far will our imaginations take us? I have no idea but I do wonder how many bottles of Mike's Hard Lemonade can be in the recycle before people start to think you have a problem?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Rock Star

I have to share this because you have to see it! When our friends from Seattle were in town we did a survivor game day. Included were teams broken up into different colors. We had each team come up with a name, a song and a dance that we promptly recorded! Here is a picture of Ryan as he was the star of Biggins and the Boys!

Root Bound

I planted seeds way back in the winter for my garden this year. We had great plans for a garden but this and that happened and we ran out of time and money. However, I have a precious few plants that survived and are now mostly feeding the rabbits. There is one plant that has taught me a lesson though. My cherry tomato plant and the one I was most excited to get fruit from. However, I had it in a container and although it seemed to be growing it was not looking healthy and it certainly was not producing. So I took it out and put it into a bigger container and just like I suspected the plant was root bound. I put it in some water and massaged the roots and replanted it. Now the leaves are full and beautifully green and those precious yellow flower that indicated fruit is on the way have begun to form! I can't even tell you how excited I am about that.

Of course me being me there is always a deeper something I get from experience like that. I started to look at myself and see areas where I might be "root bound." Perhaps stuck in a rut or staying too long in a comfort zone when in reality I would thrive better if I stepped out and moved into something new. I guess as I take inventory of life I need to decide what areas have served me well in the past but need readjusting and what things need to stay and what needs to go. I don't ever want to not reach my full potential.

I have to say have been inspired by more than plants as well. Some time ago Ron's Aunt stepped out of her comfort zone and attended a paper crop. There she tried something new and started making cards. They are beautiful!! Once she takes the step she has an offer to make some and place them in a friends store and I KNOW they are going to sell like hot cakes!! She inspires me to be unafraid to try new things and see where they will take me. Of course I would not leave you hanging without a picture of her beautiful work. Thanks Aunt are amazing!!