Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Have Never...

I Have Never...this was the name of the game I played today. Inside of a bag on folded sheets of paper were several items written. For an example, "I have never posted on facebook", the card might read. If you HAVE posted on facebook you take and M&M and if you have not, then you take nothing. The person at the end of the game with the most M&M's wins.

This got me thinking today. If I look back on my life and play this game, how big would my pile of M&M's be? I certainly want to make sure that I am doing enough things in life that when the end comes I have a whole pile of candy and litany of stories to share with my grandchildren and hopefully great-grandchildren about my adventures. I want to make sure that fear or the business of life doesn't always crowd out adventure and exploring this great world God has created.

Although I feel overwhelmed with school right now, I think this New Year's Eve I will be making plans for the next year's adventures. I want my kids to learn to live a life that is full of adventure, even if it is just in the backyard or across town. I know that if we don't plan for it, it will never happen.

I Have Never...will that be the end of the statement of your life, or will you also have a huge pile of M&M's and a great book of stories to share?

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