Monday, March 30, 2009

Where Have I Been?

I cannot believe it has been over two weeks since I have posted anything. I wish I could say that I have been keeping all kinds of great stories from you, but the truth is it's been pretty slow around here. I had a migraine for nearly an entire week which sent me to the doctor. Wanna know what they call Migraine Therapy...a very powerful little pill that you take when you feel the headache come on. I have to say I was expecting way more than that when you attach the word "therapy" to something. LOL I did take the pill and I have to say the pill is almost worse than the headache. Thankfully it was near nap time so I was able to sleep the worst part off. Ron and I have started to watch 24. We finished season one and are on to season two. So I don't feel like I am wasting my time entirely I have started to make a blanket. At this point it is about as wide as two scarves put together. It's finally getting to that point where I can actually envision this blanket. Hopefully I will have it done by the time we get all caught up. We call it the 24 blanket. I also have started to play with chocolate and making candies and suckers. This is exciting because it was on my list for my 40 things to do by 40 years old. Anyway, the girls and I made all kinds of suckers and have a bunch more to do before Easter. Turns out for a little bit of work you can look like a creative genius!! I took pictures but they didn't turn out so you will have to wait until Easter to see them. One last item before I close. The other day Ryan and I were in A.C. Moore getting chocolate supplies and he ran to the end of the aisle and looked back and said, "MOM! Come follow me..." with that his head snapped in recognition of the starting words of his bible verse for Sunday school and finished the sentence with, "...Jesus said. " I am pretty sure it was one of those "had to be there" kind of moments, but if you could just hear the intonation of his voice it would make you LOL. Alright, I will try my very best to come up with something interesting in the next day or so. In the mean time I will be enjoying the everyday stuff that would bore you to tears!! Here are some pictures I took of the kids one night after showers and before bed!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I have candy!!

Last night at dinner time Rebecca wasn't overly thrilled with her chicken and pasta. Thankfully there is usually one child ready and willing to tattle on the other. If you listen carefully you can hear the deal going down.

Rebecca: Ryan, I have candy...come over here
Ryan: OK, I coming
Rebecca: Here you go
Ryan: NO I not want that
Rebecca: Really Ryan, it's not chicken, it's's good...taste

With that Ryan is not duped and runs away. At this moment is when Reagan feels the need to put a stop to the goings on at the table. So she says in a rather loud voice, "Rebecca! stop telling Ryan your chicken is candy and trying to get him to eat your dinner!! LOL I have to give her credit for being creative at least!! Thankfully Ryan isn't as dumb as his sisters think he is!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No Way!!

So the other day my girls had to clean their room. They made the mess, I simply asked them to clean it. Let the complaining and arguing commense. So in keeping with our family memorizing of Bible verses I put a new one on the board..."In everything you do, stay away from complaining and arguing" Rebecca comes up and I am helping her read it and so she is repeating each word and when I get to complaining and she starts to slow down. Once we say "and arguing" she looks at me and like only a five year can and says, "NUH-UH, You made that up!!" LOL I promptly told her that I did NOT in fact make it up and that it was in God's book and I showed her. She then says, "I totally thought you made that up but since you didn't I guess I had better learn that one." I wish this verse was only for my children, but it is indeed good for me to learn as well. So hopefully next time it's time to clean the old bedroom this truth will be hidden in their hearts and I'll get a little peace. Are you supposed to use Scripture for selfish purposes?? I am sure there is one in there about that too, God is good like that!!

Great Love

I am in a Bible Study called "Lies Women Believe." One of the things they were talking about was why on Earth would God allow Eve to eat the fruit or put the serpent in the garden knowing the end result. I know why I believe what I believe but I have always had trouble explaining this part. Why would God create people if He already knew what they were going to do. Tonight I get it. God knows the beginning and the end so He did know that His own creation would reject Him. So He already had a plan of Salvation in place. How great is His love for us that even though He already knew Adam and Eve would choose the knowledge of Evil over their relationship with God, He created them anyway and put our lives into motion. He took that rejection and subsequent rejection for the love and relationship of the rest of us. Amazing. That is deep love. So Adam and Eve reject Him and break that relationship with God and so God sends Jesus. Jesus is rejected and put to death to pay for everything I do wrong before I am even created. Why? To restore relationship with me one day and to be able to lavish me with His love. All He asks in return is that I acknowledge His work on the cross and live my life for Him. Which is in reality a life full of blessing. All of this just to know me and so I can know Him personally. I am so glad that He would take that rejection over and over again and created us anyway. Welcome to the Joy and miracle of the Easter season.